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Nora Perusin

Mi hermosa compañera, my woman, poet and artist, labor lawyer, life-long militant for social change, neighborhood assembly activist, poet and artist, loving, listens carefully to all I say, then tells me wot’s wot. Poet and artist. Her whole life. I do well to listen and open my eyes.

Visit to read her poetry and see the works of art she has created, and what she is continuing to create. Her energy and love permeates my visions.

Murray Kane

Murray Kane

My extraordinary brother, a prominent lawyer and loving, caring family person, whose constant encouragement and help, on all fronts, has been fundamental in making AWebFactory an ongoing project.

See for an account of his amazing career and lifelong accomplishments.

Guillermo Kane and son Pablito

Guillermo Kane

My wonderful son, pictured here with his own wonderful son, Pablito. Proud and privileged to be father. Learn something every time we speak. He is a patient explainer. I value immensely his sense and love.

Guillermo Kane is a leader of the Workers’ Party (Argentina). He studied history at the University of Buenos Aires. He participated in the founding of the Polo Obrero, and formed part of its National Committee. From July 2015 to May 2020 he was a deputy in the legislature of Buenos Aires Province, as part of the rotation of seats by the Workers’ Left Front, where he continues to be a candidate in the upcoming elections.