Openbravo very cool open source ERP – but configure domain for tomcat before running on a network

Came highly recommended, looks very cool indeed for small and medium business ERP solution… Not a wealth of “newbie” info, but a very cool almost trouble free installation guide makes installation (Java, Ant, Postgres or Oracle, Tomcat — this is no lightweight) a snap (pretty much) for various Linux distributions:

If you encounter problems, the doctor is in…

Now, when you get it up and running on some old ubuntu box in the corner of the room, and you want to access it not from localhost ( http://localhost:8080/openbravo for most distribs, but http://localhost:8180/openbravo for us Debian/Ubuntu enthusiasts, because of how Tomcat is installed on these distributions) but as its box name on the local network… lo and behold, no images, no css, no login…

What good is an ERP solution you cannot see on the intranet?

After rummaging around in the various directories, I went in to /var/lib/tomcat.5.5/webapps/openbravo/WEB-INF/web.xml, and on line 57 replaced param “ReplaceWith”:
ReplaceWith http://localhost:8180/openbravo/web