Project Flow & Tracker “Paris” – Part 3: Towards integration with Open Atrium via our very own branded Feature Server!

So today finally Project Flow & Tracker meets Open Atrium, and does so in style. My friends at Development Seed just told me about the new availability of the feature server code (w00t! out just a couple of days right here:, not to mention a spanking new theme, singular,

“a minimal theme that can be rebranded quickly and simply using background images a la Twitter. The theme comes with several prepackaged backgrounds and site administrators are encouraged to upload their own.”

also out just a couple of days, and which can be found at . Singular and depends on the base theme Tao: (also fresh meat!).

So we will be diving right in. Here are the steps we will be taking, so hang on to your mice, it’s going to be a fun ride:

In depth: Project Flow & Tracker to be rebuilt on Open Atrium – Part 1

Based on the principles of ideas and architecture over coding, community based collaboration over individual and isolated effort, I have decided to redo my Project Flow & Tracker agile based project management tool based on the new Open Atrium “do-it-yourself project” kit. Not only do I get a huge kick in the butt for starters, but I can give back all the new functionality I develop as shareable features. Talk about win-win!