Hey Jade!

Far from being a wannabe “missing manual” for Jade this article is simply my own “path of understanding” of how the Jade template engine is utilized in the Express framework, expressed in a simple “work in progress” app which you can find here: https://github.com/victorkane/heyjade

Now, everyone complains that there is “no documentation” for Jade. Actually, just on github, there is a lot in the Readme.md, plus a huge examples directory, plus a jade example in the Express source. Not to mention the Express Guide, which enlightens us on many aspects of how Jade is used with Express.

So I thought I would just work my way through a good part of that, by building a little sample app on github that you can step through by branching through the commits. Again, please follow along here, and check back every now and then for updates as my comprehension goes deeper and deeper (I hope).: https://github.com/victorkane/heyjade