Drupal Import / Export API – Task 002

Task 002: Install on Drupal 5.1 and import simple book pages exported from Drupal 4.7.6 in Task 001.

I used my Drupal Sandbox from the Drupal Dojo class (fairly new installation, doesn't really matter what I have installed there).

Test Case 002

Download latest version of module from CVS HEAD.

Follow same directions for installation (as per README.txt).

Go to Administer >> import.

Import first simple file from Test Case 001 (Task 001).

Go to Administer >> content and visualize imported nodes.

Check logs.


Upon attempting to enable module, following error is created:

Drupal Import / Export API – Task 001

I'm starting to help out on the Drupal Import / Export API.

What: Drupal Import / Export API

Wiki: http://basement.greenash.net.au/soc2006/HomePage

Objective: Help to make it ready for Drupal 5.0, and help improve it; use it a lot.

Task 001: Install on Drupal 4.7.6 and see if the documentation can get me up to speed.

Date today: 7 February 2007.

I upgraded my local sandbox to Drupal 4.7.6.