Open source madness – Using Git to version your Gimp sourced custom Twitter page

What does Gimp have to do with Twitter? If you haven’t already, first of all see [[Open source madness – Customizing my Twitter page with Gimp]].

Now, isn’t this overkill, you may ask, using Git to version graphic design work?

Well, not really. The whole idea of using Gimp is to have a kind of source file, which then generates your Twitter background. Then, say you want to go back to a previous version, if you are using any kind of version control system, you can go back in the time machine and generate from there. We’ll use [[Git and Cogito on Ubuntu|Git]].

Getting started

Open up a terminal on your working directory. Perform the following commands:

Open source madness – Customizing my Twitter page with Gimp

Now that [[Leveraging Drupal: Getting your site done right – Workshop Central|my book is out]] more than one Twitter intoxicated colleague has instructed me as to power twitter-mastership, and that I must replace my tired old Twitter offerings.

I [[|searched around]] and came up with the following procedure, which worked for me on my [[Ubuntu laptop]] like a charm, using all [[|Open Source]] tools.