Bazaar: new website launch – great usability & stick Bazaar Explorer on Jaunty

Very cool, Emma proudly tweeted (and justifiably so):

The new Bazaar home page has launched! Check it out at #bzr #redesign

OK. Headed right over to Very cool. I’ve been using Bazaar for most of my development over the past few months, and have had quite a few tugs with their old website. One of the hardest things was to know what was current, what was old, what was easy, even though the quantity of good docs has never been a problem.

Now I discover this cross-platform Bazaar Explorer desktop app I didn’t even know existed! Check out the demo right from the home page!

So even though I’m basically a command line worker, I immediately stuck this on my jaunty laptop, because on one of those bleary “who am I and what’s my name?” mornings, it’s going to give me a nice bookmarked overworld of what I’m up to and what I should be doing of a morning.