Notes and code from my DrupalCampLA2008 presentation From Business Objects and User Stories to Drupal Website Application

Here are the presentation notes from my presentation on the last day of DrupalCampLA 2008 (an incredible event, by the way, kudos to the organizers!):

From Business Objects and User Stories to a fully functional test-driven website application

The talk was about this:

DrupalCampLA2008 – Notes on the Asynchronous Data Processing Presentation

Asynchronous Data Processing

100 Websites and Lots of Stats

Shaun Haber & Ethan Kaplan from the Tech Department of Warner Brother Records


87 sites with 87 databases in a single Drupal environment and lots of data.

A single huge multisite setup. Drupal 5.

Multisite: sharing the same code base and share modules, but each site has its own database, containing a lot of info valuable for data mining, including number of users, etc.

They don’t deal with shared databases.

Fascinating real world user testimony as a Drupal user in closing session of DrupalCampLA2008

3 Months Later: An (Almost) Beginners View of Drupal

Christoph Weber, The Scripps Research Institute

[My own rough notes to this presentation, very interesting in terms of insight into how people actually use Drupal to construct web applicatoins. A lot of people had left by the time this presentation started, but hopefully the video will enable it to be seen by more Drupaleros]

Ubercart presentation DrupalCampLA2008

Making an E-commerce website from scratch with Ubercart 

Presentation by Aaron Schiff

(rough notes… read at your own risk Wink)

For beginners who want to start an E-commerce site.


(case study)

Magento too new, buggy, too slow, without framework like Drupal

Drupal E-commerce… API strong, but not very good out of the box, buggy…

Started with alpha release, very easy to upgrade so far, fantastic community (Aaron has no affiliation with them).

Secure code, robust taxonomy.   upsell, secure pages (https), coupon, checkout enhancement

Not available for Drupal 6 until end of year, but someone pointed out that there is a not for production development version.