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Headless Ready WordPress

Master block-ready site building, move on to block based and full site editing

No more monolith lock-in

Content Migration Rescue. From Drupal and all the rest of the monoliths.

no-code no-vendor themeless block based websites… full site editing… static site generation… decoupled content migration rescue from the monolith…

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AWebFactory Roadmap

MVP01 ✅ The re-making of AWebFactory.com. Get my blog back (with legacy content). The launch.

MVP02 ☐ The re-making of AWebFactory.com. With block-ready WP theme with new content and workflow. The book. The movie.

MVP03 ☐ The re-making of AWebFactory.com. Headless WordPress Content Migration Rescue with block based themes and full site editing. The future.