GNOME Commander 1.2.7 on Ubuntu Hardy is now my adopted file manager

More and more I never even visit websites, I rely on RSS feeds to bring me my meat.

And with Linux Magazine ( http://www.linux-mag.com/ ) sending me about 40 articles a day to read, I am getting a lot more than I have time for. But I was forced to take time out from my schedule today, when I see this article "Divide and Conquer" ( http://www.linux-magazine.com/issues/2008/95/divide_and_conquer ) which tells me about Gnome Commander in all its two panel fully-integrated-with-gnome-desktop glory:

Gnome Commander screenshotGnome Commander screenshot

Ever since I got tired of waiting for Nautilus to grow a second pane, I have been working with Konqueror and more lately Dolphin, KDE efforts, well worth the little quirks emerging from their not being a native Gnome desktop integrated applications.

But now I am a happy man.

Gnome Commander screenshot

Gnome Commander screenshot

VirtualBox guest additions are cool to install, now Windows XP instance running seamlessly with Ubuntu

VirtualBox on Ubuntu

For some time now I have been running Windows XP inside Sun's VirtualBox on top of my Ubuntu 8.04 OS on my Dell Inspiron 1420N.

Since writing this a new version of VirtualBox, 2.1.2, has come out, you probably want to use that instead (see http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads ). It's just that mine works.

Installation was relatively painless. I downloaded the package straight from the VirtualBox site instead of from the apt-get version, which seems to be the best bet immediately, and basically followed all the instructions here:


Open source madness - Customizing my Twitter page with Gimp

Now that my book is out more than one Twitter intoxicated colleague has instructed me as to power twitter-mastership, and that I must replace my tired old Twitter offerings.

I searched around and came up with the following procedure, which worked for me on my Ubuntu laptop like a charm, using all Open Source tools.

Hardy Heron swoops away with my firebug - Drupal to the rescue!

Edit: Solved! Thanks to the comments of several people, I was able to find the magic sequence of steps necessary to fix my specific situation:

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