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Scala powered Lift web framework - Eclipse, Scala IDE, latest versions of everything Jan 2013

I'm searching for a rock solid, performant and scalable framework for my new venture Linguathon, as I said in my last article. Hey, instead of server side javascript, why not server side Java? Or Scala? Wicket? Why not Lift?

Why not indeed! Considering that I spent many years working with the Spring framework (plain old Java objects) on desktop apps years ago, as a lightweight alternative to Enterprise Java, things might start looking quite powerful and familiar, and yet streamlined and better. Things might calm down a little and I might get a productive, solid environment to rock on!

So I'm documenting how I got up and running now with the latest versions of Lift and the Scala IDE for Eclipse, etc., on a souped up MacBook Air, it's pretty sui generis but it might help someone, certainly myself if I come back to things after a stint at something else.


The pattern may be instantiated to yield a process tailored to the project

Welcome to aWebFactory

aWebFactory manufactures... webs!

Webs are web applications.

I was struck upon reading CathedralAndBazaar, how process not only affects product, but is reflected in product. In the Acknowledgements, the author mentions that "Phil Hudson <phil.hudson@iname.com> reminded me that the social organization of the hacker culture mirrors the organization of its software, and vice-versa."

So here at aWebFactory, the subject is the factory, the WebApplicationFactoryPattern, as seen in the projects governing a number of products.

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