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In depth: Project Flow & Tracker to be rebuilt on Open Atrium - Part 1

Based on the principles of ideas and architecture over coding, community based collaboration over individual and isolated effort, I have decided to redo my Project Flow & Tracker agile based project management tool based on the new Open Atrium "do-it-yourself project" kit. Not only do I get a huge kick in the butt for starters, but I can give back all the new functionality I develop as shareable features. Talk about win-win!

Lot's happening over at Project Flow & Tracker

Just so's you know, things are jumping at Project Flow & Tracker:

  • Even though we are still in pre-Alpha, over 50 people have signed up to work on their projects, with the aim of benefitting from an agile, test-driven approach tailored  to website applications (see Roadmap below).
  • There's a "stop the music"* podcast on how to set up your project so as to take advantage of the PFT "forest and the trees" content navigation model.
  • I just sent out a Roadmap for April, 2009 to all those who have signed up as product owners to work on their projects online. Reproduced below.

So there you have it folks, short and sweet. Remember: for every 1000 hours you and your client (their work counts too) spend working on a project, 400 at least should be spent on writing and running functional acceptance tests.  Sound like too much? You need... Project Flow & Tracker.

Project Flow & Tracker Session at DrupalConDC2009!

In case you hadn't heard, all you Project Flow & Tracker fans, I will be giving a splendid Project Flow & Tracker session at DrupalCon DC 2009!

When: Thursday, March 5

What time: 4:15

Where: Berners-Lee Room


Big news! The Online demo site is now open for business objects! Login, then click on the Project Flow & Tracker project.

  • User: drupal
  • Password: rocks

Check out PFT as a project itself!

Look around the project, roles, user stories, release and iteration elements (initial on-line help is up)

Using PFT to build PFT from scratch: project documents

This is so cool!

I want node2node to help me drill downn to project documents included in the project. So I want those project documents to be a content type in their own right. But I also want to be able to have them be hierarchical books too in their own right! I don't want to use up the book content type for project doucments only!



  1. Mark the project as the target.
  2. Create a project_document, checking the box to include it as a child of the project.
  3. Before saving, go to the Book Outline section and start a new book with this document as root. Even though the content type remains "project_document", it acts like a hierarchical book. Awesome!

Using PFT to build PFT from scratch: risk management

Every project runs a series of risks (usually a top ten, but there is no limit). Each risk has a title, a descripition, a degree of severity , and a mitigation plan. They can be added, modified and have their state changed at any time.


Risk Ranking (sorted by magnitude)

Magnitude   (




Mitigation Strategy

Contingency Plan


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