Leveraging Drupal

Chapter 4 - Getting up to Speed

Finishing the user stories with the client... allocating user stories to project iterations... working on the architectural baseline... thinking about your team...

Chapter 3 - Getting Organized

Enhancing the initial development environment with a Subversion source and assets repository, plus a Trac instance.

Growing the on-line literary workshop website application prototype with Drupal itself... implementing business objects... deployment from development workstation to test site... getting feedback from the client.

Important Errata p. 81

The entries in the third column of the table (Primary menu) should not be capitalized! They should be "blog", "forum", "book", "node/add/application".

Another Errata p. 111

Chapter 2 - Taking Baby Steps

Creating an initial development environment, whipping up the initial prototype of the on-line Literary Workshop (website application to be developed chapter by chapter right through the book.

Leveraging Drupal: Getting your site done right -- now available

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Hi there, my name is Victor Kane. I am a website application and development process engineer and I have written Leveraging Drupal: Getting your site done right to help people use the free, Open Source Drupal CMS Web Application Framework without having to go through the steep learning curve I had to follow. The book focuses, in a detailed and practical manner, on a wide range of disciplines, tools and best practices you need in order to optimize the way you approach development projects built on this CMS and framework...This is for people who, given a set of website requirements and a community of users who need to use that website, have to learn how to fashion Drupal to their needs, how to domesticate Drupal, in short, how to get it done...

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Chapter 1 - Keeping It Simple

At the time of writing this chapter is available free: grab it (PDF) and share your opinion here!

Have you started your meme map yet? For more info on meme maps see http://oreillynet.com/pub/a/495 (We explain why we need them in Chapter 1).

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