Leveraging Drupal

Chapter 9 - Ugrading to Drupal 6 Revisited

We examine all the steps involved, glean best practices from just about everyone, and then plunge in to update our on-line literary workshop website application to Drupal 6, complete with Views, CCK, Organic Groups and what have you.

Chapter 8 - Upgrading to Drupal 6

Join me as I upgrade this very blog - http://awebfactoyr.com.ar - to Drupal 6 back in August of 2008.

Chapter 7 - Becoming an Expert Drupal Themer

But at the end of this chapter, the on-line Literary Workshop still looks ugly as sin (and will until Chapter 11)... what are you talking about, Victor Kane?

Yep, even though the site still looks ugly as sin, we can still learn what it takes to be a theming expert with this chapter... find out why...

Actually, find out what Drupal theming is all about...

Chapter 6 - Pushing the Envelope

In Construction Phase, it's mainly about implementation... but also, how do we use Drupal itself to manage our project using the agile approach (user stories, tasks, acceptance tests...) with the external help of SVN and Trac, of course...

So we make a separate private group, and the on-line literary workshop becomes self-documenting...

And we are in full throttle with CCK and Views, and the Organic Groups modules.

Chapter 5 - Finishing up the Elaboration Phase

The Elaboration Phase is a series of iterations with certain characteristics, having to do with going beyond the prototype (Inception) phase.

Here we are concerned with enhancing the development environment (how to easily update Drupal releases, especially security releases, and how to update modules easily and cleanly. And we move right along with the implementation of the functionality required by the on-line Literary Workshop.

11 July 2009 - Important note on drush -- please read:

Drush is now a standalone script, you install it once and use it on all the Drupal installations you have on the system

See the following:

Use it!

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