Leveraging Drupal

Chapter 14 - Deploying your Application as a Drupal Installation Profile

First we leverage the fantastic advanced help module (marvelously abstracted out of Views 2 by Earl Miles) for our own purposes. Then we see about using the Drupal installation Profile as a method for deployment.

Then, we abstract out the Views into the litworkshop Module code itself, as .inc files! Cool!

Here in the workshop, as Earl Miles´ new CTools a.k.a the Chaos tool suite develops, including the Exportables tools, this will only shine brighter and brighter... real drupalistas prototype with the Views UI, then code!

I expect we will hone all of this greatly here in the workshop, as the method keeps on getting better and better for Drupal 6!

Chapter 13 - From Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 and Beyond

What's going on with Drupal?

What was new in Drupal 6.x and why you should definitely move on from Drupal 5.x in your projects.

An in-depth look towards what's up with Drupal 7.

I even tried to make a minimalistic version of the on-line literary workshop in Drupal 7, but when the book was written, CCK in core was not yet usable.

Let's do the full port right here in the workshop!!!


Chapter 12 - The JQuery Chapter

Enough said.

How did you find it?

Chapter 11 - Full Swing Agile Approach to Drupal Development

Honing our agile tools right from within the self-managing and self-documenting website application project!

Implementing the user stories, one by one (affinity groups, online publications, on-line blogs, and... adapting an XHTML/CSS theme to Drupal 6.x!

Chapter 10 - Installing and Using Drupal 6 Fresh out of the Box

Let's take a breather from the on-line literary workshop... and develop a Drupal 6.x multi-lingual (l10n, i18n) translators studio online, where clients can post work, translators can accept work, do it, upload it, a real online translation factory, all in a single chapter.

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