Leveraging Drupal

Where are all the user stories mentioned in the chapter?

You can find all the user stories written up in the code for Chapter 11.

Just install it and click on the left-hand side user stories link (logged in as dev/dev).

Problem of teams needing to merge databases

There is an interesting thread at the Wrox P2P Forum on how to merge developoment, configuration and content efforts among teams working with multiple database for the same site.

See http://p2p.wrox.com/book-leveraging-drupal-getting-your-site-done-right-...

The two questions posed are:

Currently, I'm in chapter 3, and I have a couple of questions about the way you've handled storing a dump of the database in the repository.

1. What happens if you have multiple developers working on a project and they each install different modules? Won't there be a conflict between their database dumps?

2. What happens when you've deployed the site and the end user is happily adding content, but you continue to develop the site? Later down the road, your database will have new module configurations, but the production database will have lots of new content. How do you merge the configuration part of the development into a live site without loosing data?

Excellent questions.

My answer:

You hit the nail on the head

Install Drupal with CVS!


Very often, the wonderful Drupal security team comes up with a new security release of Drupal core itself.

When that happens, you want to upgrade relatively quickly (after waiting for 24 hours to make sure no-one is having problems...) you don't want to just copy the new version over the old, since it is possible that a single file is split into two, for example, or one is removed, and you don't want conflicting code hanging around in your file system. And you certianly don't want to be futzing around deleting stuff manually.

You want a clean, accurate and fast install every time.

Clean Original "Virgin" Install

(This assumes that nothing has ever been installed before. For a site running on a Drupal core  not originally installed with CVS see the next section.)

To do that, make sure you carry out original install of Drupal core via CVS, then it is just a matter of a simple CVS update command specifying the new Drupal release.

To checkout a specific Drupal release (here 6.8) to a new specific sub-directory which will become Drupal document root, here "www", execute the following:

General Feedback

I will be very grateful if you would leave general feedback on Leveraging Drupal on this page. Thanks!

Chapter 15 - Acquia Drupal as an Enterprise-Ready Alternative

Trying out Acquia Drupal, installation, updates, the new Acquia Marina Theme, Mollom.

And about becoming a part of the Acquia Partner Program.

As time goes on (and by the time the workshop gets to this last chapter in the book), I expect there will be a lot of new developoments along these lines...

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