Viva Vim 7! (installing on Ubuntu Dapper)

Unfortunately, vim 7 didn't make it into the Dapper Ubuntu 6.06 LTS.

So the best way to install it without fighting with dependencies is to amend your apt-get sources.list file with the following line (works fine for me on Ubuntu Dapper, 6.06 LTS freshly installed October 2006):

deb dapper/

Then go ahead and install (see below, and see below for amd64 (above repository of course won't work for amd64 installations)).

Thanks, !

If you're using Synaptic, just hit Settings >> Repositories, then hit the Add button, then the Custom button and paste in the above "Apt line" repository info and hit "Add Channel". Then close the Software Preferences windows and hit the "Reload" button to update package info. And update the appropriate vim7 package you are looking for (vim perl, vim ruby, or whatever you are using).

Now, I have an AMD64 Dapper installation, so the above repository won't work for me. I headed over to and followed the link to, and downloaded the deb packages.

In my case I am interested in vim-ruby, so I executed the following:

victorkane@mentor:~$ sudo dpkg -i vim-ruby_7.0-017+7_amd64.deb 
vim-gui-common_7.0-017+7_all.deb vim-runtime_7.0-017+7_all.deb
vim-common_7.0-017+7_amd64.deb vim-runtime_7.0-017+7_all.deb

We will have much more to say about vim 7 (syntax highlighting, folding, code completion, class browsing for ruby, php, python) shortly in other posts. Together with the Konqueror souped up "midnight commander" file manager configuration mentioned in an earlier post , we have un unbeatable combination!