For the founding of a Drupal Community General Assembly


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The so-called drupal confessions statement fails to denounce the gutting of Drupal by Big Tech, the expropriation of community member jobs of work at the hands of Big Tech, as well as the distortion of the features of the product to align it with the requirements of Big Tech. Which is what is at the heart of the whole doxxing and banning of worker Larry Garfield (which, while giving no political support to Larry Garfield's positions, I oppose because those practices can only harm the working class in the long run). While many of the statements of support are heart warming, the utopian wool-over-the-eyes of expecting a "solution" while open source and free software projects and their communites are captured and gutted under capitalism is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

In order to find a real solution, we need international unions of tech workers willing to fight against the oppression and exploitation of Big Tech, in the context of political organization capable of leading the fight for a society in which there is no exploitation of humans by humans, and for the expropriation of the communications industry to be placed under workers control where it belongs, under workers governments everywhere. That's the only kind of free software worthy of the name

In the context of such a struggle, demands should be:

* Immediate resignation of Megan Sanicki and Dries Buytaert and all others involved in the doxxing and banning of Larry Garfield from the Drupal Communty. 
* Immediate removal of Dries Buytaert from all decision making positions in the Drupal Community and all places of influence.
* Dissolve all existing "governing" bodies of the Drupal Community and their corrupt by-laws.
* Immediate calling of an electronic General Assembly of the Drupal Community (Drupal Community General Assembly) to put in place a program and plan of action to prevent the complete destruction of the product, which belongs to all who have contributed to it and use it.
* Return ownership of the Drupal brand to the Drupal Community General Assembly.
* Immediate and preventative forking of Drupal and all Drupal branding by the Drupal Community General Assembly, under a program and plan of action capable of leading the fight against corporate encroachment and gutting and expropriation of open source and free software projects.

No public "shaking of hands" or peace offerings between Big Tech capitalists are going to solve this problem, at the heart of which is the expropriation of jobs of work carried out by contributors and users of Drupal together with the distortion of the product to make it amenable to big capital requirements, under the guise of phony open source and free software.