My Los Angeles presentation Installation Profiles as everything in code Drupal process strategy (video, slides and code)

So I'm back in L.A. and gearing up. No better way than to present at a local Drupal User's group.

We look at Features (actually a lot) vs Installation Profiles as everything in code process, which is necessary for the adoption of best practices in development.



"It seems everyone is talking about using Features for "everything in code" development, but what about installation profiles? This oft-overlooked part of Drupal core is available to us all and provides the tools needed for successful, repeatable development and deployment. Victor Kane is an Drupal developer and trainer with deep roots in the Los Angeles Drupal community. He is the author of Leveraging Drupal: Getting Your Site Done Right. This presentation is a continuation of his articles on the subject at and "


I would really love some feedback on all of this.

If your business depends on adopting an agile Drupal devlopment process in Southern California, I can help. Contact me. See Mentoring at AWebFactory.