Project Flow & Tracker Chicago - Status update 20100928

Even though I'm being very quiet about this until I can launch a fully usable staging, good solid progress is being made thanks to the productivity of Panels Everywhere and the panel layout plugins from the Precision theme:

  • It is now possible to go in, create a project, create user stories automatically associated with that project. This is implemented via Organic groups: project is group node, user story is group wiki post, groups may be private, you can easily invite team members whether they are registered or not, potential for notifications and messaging: works great.
  • It is now possible to raise issues (tasks, defects, change requests) automatically associated with a user story from a link on the page the user story is being viewed.  This is implemented via Views attach (overkill really since panels everywhere gives you that for free via a context, but useful for RSS and possible non-panels use) and the all important Node Reference URL Widget.
  • Ahem: I have based ALL of the foregoing on features driven development. All the functionality is encapsulated in two features.
You can follow along on the public github repo to get more details.
There is still a lot of functionality to add, and things need sprucing up for even a minimalist staging publication with all PFT users, but a lot of the clumsiness of the pre-alpha PFT is gone, gone, gone!
More news next week!

your progress

great news about your latest progress. are you going to be in chicago for the drupalcon? if so, i look forward to meeting you.
James R Stone aka fndtn357

Yes, PFT is on a roll!

Just between yesterday and today there will be great gains, will soon replace the pre-alpha version as a free service!

Yes, I am hoping to go to Chicago personally, will be making final decision on that in the next couple of days. Look forward to meeting you too.