Project Flow & Tracker Chicago - Roadmap and Status

Planning to be in Chicago to present new version of Project Flow & Tracker ("Chicago").

It should be basically usable in a couple of weeks. It's based on Panels Everywhere and OG, and a sub-theme of NodeOne's Precision theme.

An exclusive theme, logo, icons and graphic design work is being done by Buenos Aires designer Juan Villegas.

Functionality basically the same as always, now a little more Scrum'd up I would think. Full details available soon.

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From the Github README:

"The all new ProjectFlowAndTracker Chicago based on Panels Everywhere and OG

PFT is bootstrapping itself, being used for its own creation, and will be usable soon.

Once it is, even minimally, it will be online as a service. There will always be a usable version free as in beer, speech and the workplace (should be). Source always under GPL. An installation profile on is planned.

If you are one of the more than one hundred good folks been exploring up till now, you will already have an account when this happens."


Awesome to see that you are using the Precision theme! I'm the maintainer of that theme. Get in touch with me if you have any ideas for generalizations or improvements that could be made to the theme!

You can find me and my d.o contact form here:

/Dick Olsson aka. dixon_ from NodeOne

I certainly will!

Thanks for the work on the precision theme.

Will definitely be giving you feedback once we move off of the purely functional part.