Project Flow & Tracker Barcelona (2007)

So over the past couple of years I have been working on web applications using the Drupal CMS as a web application framework, and I have used a lot of project and configuration management tools in the past. But excited about a year ago with using Drupal itself as a project management tool and a rapid prototyping tool at the same time, I developed the Project Flow and Tracker, designed to be a Drupal installation profile (in case that doesn't translate instantly and intuitively into something for you, it is a downloadable Drupal, which, when you download it and install it, will become a Project Flow and Tracker instead of just a plain vanilla Drupal installation).

So I went to Barcelona DrupalCon in late 2007 and gave a presentation on it and got a lot of really cool feedback. And, I actually used it with some clients, and got a lot of really useful feedback there.

Enough time has passed for a couple of things to happen:

Drupal itself is much more powerful (panels 2, nodequeue, jquery ...) and the ideas have had some time to mature pretty well.

So now I want to take the Project Flow and Tracker apart and put it back together again. I need to reverse engineer it and implement it again, into something super usable and which I hope will constitute a cool contribution to the Drupal community.

So there will be three big parts to this treatise, dear reader: An Intro, dealing with how to get involved in helping the shiny new Project Flow and Tracker become a reality soon enough for people to actually use it; an ongoing report on that process of development; and a section on how to use it, perhaps including a case study. And a couple of appendices thrown in on process engineering background, and so on and so forth.