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I will be very grateful if you would leave general feedback on Leveraging Drupal on this page. Thanks!

Great book

Hi, I've stumbled across this book, looking for more 'structured' info on Drupal. I've built my first Drupal website, learning as I went along from various websites. Once I passed the 'how does this work' phase I entered the 'there should be a better way to do this' phase after having erased a carefully patched module with an updated version. Your book gave me the answers to my question and even to questions I hadn't considered yet. I'm only halfway through the book, but I'm already eager to go through it all and get home (after this holiday) and rearrange the website. This might sound a little odd, but for me this book is great holiday reading.


Glad to hear it. Please participate in the workshop!

Would love to get more specific feedback at some point as you go through the chapters!

Thanks so much for your comments!

Victor Kane

Size of .sql-files, tools like trac and svn

Hallo Victor,

we meet in Barcelona, meanwhile my book is since one year available. We share many concepts and ideas. Thank you for your valuable book.

After reading the first chapters, i realise, that the cache table(s) are included, these data are created automatically and need not to be deployed.

trac is a possibility, but I prefere drupal native solutions (eating my own dogfood ;-) ) modules like project, casetracker, jobtrack or CCKase tracker.

SVN needs a central Server, decentralised version control systems like bazaar or git fit better for my needs - i can store the complete repository on any machine (and git repos are small! and fast).

The used tools and the tool chain is very important in my eyes. Maybe you can explain here the reasons behind your choice of tools?

I'm implementing a tool chain with 40+ tools (like version control, deployment, automated unit testing, automated performance testing ...) and so I'm very interested in the criteria for choosing tools.

Also worth mentioning: These tools are seldom a no-brainer, they need time to be chosen, installed and learned, so i plan a month in average for each step in my tool chain.

What are your thoughts and experiences?

Thomas Zahreddin

A tool chain created by and for the Drupal community is a must

First of all, thanks for your comments.

cache tables: yes, of course, these tables can be eliminated, I'm glad you mentioned this. What I actually do is set that up with the Drush configuration file which allows you to exclude certain tables. Just thought that was a level of complexity a bit out of scope for the introductory book.

drupal based project management tools: the book actually shows how that can be built right into any project (user stories, etc.). Also I am developing in Drupal! But it is still in pre-alpha phase.

tools: First of all, drush has changed so much since the book was written, needs a new book in itself! Second, interesting stuff is coming out of Aegir, features, deploy, database scripts, etc.... no-brainer ... not, indeed. This effort needs to be community based, it is too much for a single individual.



If only for the DRUSH explanation

I bought this book and feel it sits nicely between the "Pro Drupal Development" book and "Using Drupal" complimenting either book but slanted more towards development and process.

After reading the first section of the book I've slightly rearranged my "/sites" directory in accordance with those suggested by the book - it has made SVN commits a much easier and thorough event saving me time.

The bit which has paid back the cover price of the book over and over within the last 8 weeks was the explanation of how to use the DRUSH module with SVN. After not really understanding what I could accomplish with DRUSH this described what sub-modules needed enabling and how to use it. So now I don't dread getting that page full of red bands when another much used CCK D6 sub-module (or similar alpha, beta, or RC Drupal6 module) moves up a notch edging closely to a full release. I just run the two commands on page 114 and sit back while the modules are brought down, unpacked, and new files added to SVN (thanks Moshe). And thanks Victor for a great book.

Thanks so much Steve

for your comments!

Happy you are participating in this workshop.

Please feel free to share more experiences in the variouis chapter sections.

Drush is evolving into a stand alone application you can use with all sites in a single installation, in its latest morphs, and while the regular drush is still going strong and is every bit as useful as described in the book, and you can continue using it, at some point I will do a write-up on the new drush, as soon as it becomes the annointed stable drush.


I wanted to be the first to start commenting...

...but I also wanted my hands on the hard copy too!

It arrived a couple of days ago and I've got about 10 pages in this morning. It's just what I'd hoped. I've built 35-40 Drupal sites, most of the time in complete solitude, although the online community has provided massive guidance and companionship.

I'm enjoying the examination of the underlying soul of a web site - it seems the logical progression for my understanding and desire to make really successful web sites. I've mastered the evaluation and selection of modules quite a while ago, and can beat them in to shape. That's the easy part. I now want to take it to the next level and so far your book is shaping up to be the "Missing Manual" for me.

I also note that you've done some work on a D6 version of Project Flow & Tracker? It's not in the book's index! Doh!

For those unaware, check out:

Project Flow and Tracker (PFT)

Now with install profile, Victor? ;-)

Thanks again.



"Missing manual" is really a compliment

Thanks! Once again I feel like an author "understood", it's great to hear your words.

Project Flow and Tracker, inspired by the core of the book, is now undergoing a rewrite and can be seen in its glorious new headquarters: of course!

I'm struggling to get the basic functionality in there by DrupalCon DC 2009, where I'm giving a presentation:

See full schedule here:

The installation profile will follow on the heels of that, but there will be drupal instance downloads.

Again, very interesting to hear your comments, Richard,


Nice book!

Hi Victor,

Ordered your book a few weeks ago and it arrived in the mail last week. I'm involved in developing a new drupal-based site for Corporate Europe Observatory. I'm not the developer but one of the coordinators at the client side. As far as I can see from skimming though the book and reading the first chapters, your book will help me to better understand the process of making our new Drupal site do the things we would like it to do.

I find the style of your text very stimulating and hope to come back to this workshop regularly to learn more. Just wonder if this site mirrors everything that is posted on the wrox forum.

Erik Wesselius
The Netherlands

Great to hear from you. I'd

Great to hear from you. I'd be fascinated to hear how your development evolves, both the high points and the difficulties: please share them here!

Yes, everthing of significance posted to the wrox forum will be included here, organized in terms of which chapter it affects. While the wrox forum is great for immediate book concerns, this workshop can be a bit more open ended in terms of the actual Drupal subject matter, even if it takes us "off the subject" a little. For example, if someone has a better way of doing something, here in the workshop we are interested in that for its own "Drupal" sake also.

Please let us know how you are doing!


Why 5?

By the way, why did you choose to start with Drupal 5? And am I a horrible person for translating the first half of the book, working all the examples in Drupal 6? ;-)

For better or for worse, lots of people still using Drupal 5

A huge number of sites are still being done in Drupal 5.

The book wants to meet up with those developers and then lead them by the hand (in Chapters 8 and 9) towards the inevitable upgrade to Drupal 6, or else, starting out completely in Drupal 6 (take a look at Chapter 10).

If you have translated methods from earlier chapters to Drupal 6, please post them here!!!

Thanks for your feedback!

Victor Kane