Chapter 10 - Installing and Using Drupal 6 Fresh out of the Box

Let's take a breather from the on-line literary workshop... and develop a Drupal 6.x multi-lingual (l10n, i18n) translators studio online, where clients can post work, translators can accept work, do it, upload it, a real online translation factory, all in a single chapter.

Views arguments

I ran into a problem with implementing the translator's workflow (pg. 272) and I think it might be an instructional error.

In step 6, you direct us to add an argument for the translator reference. We are told, "Configure to Display empty text if argument not present and if argument does not validate."

When I did this, Views threw up a warning, "Validation error, if this problem persists contact site administrator." Also, when I directed my testing browser (logged in as a translator) to /view/my-job-list the screen was blank.

I assumed that the intent here was to match the translator reference in the translation content type, with the currently logged in translator. If the values match, then display the translations that have been assigned to that translator.

The problem, it seems, is that the path to this view does not contain an argument and none is provided by default.

To get it to work, I went back into the translation_by_translator view and changed the argument settings. Instead of selecting, "Display empty text, " I chose, "Provide default argument." And, quite usefully, there was already an option to select the currently logged in user ID as the default argument. I left the validation settings the same as before.

No matter which translator is logged in, when they go to /view/my-job-list, it automatically filters the list and only displays translations assigned to him.