Chapter 9 - Ugrading to Drupal 6 Revisited

We examine all the steps involved, glean best practices from just about everyone, and then plunge in to update our on-line literary workshop website application to Drupal 6, complete with Views, CCK, Organic Groups and what have you.

Random Quote block failed

Fatal error: Call to undefined function nodequeue_fetch_random()

Hi Victor,

I think in the latest nodequeue module, the fetch_random() function has been depreciated? After I upgraded to D6 from the book's code, I no longer see the random quote block. If I go in to enable the block - which I saw has the php code print nodequeue_fetch_random(1); in its body, the whole site gives me a WSOD with the above error message.

I had to go into the database and guess which one was that block (looked for status=1 and I think delta had the word nodequeue in it), set the status to 0 and got my site back.

You might want to try it yourself, download the code for Chapter 9 - Upgrading to D6 Code Drupal 5-10 (before), do the upgrade and see what has changed.

Thanks for workshopping with Leveraging Drupal!

Yeah, the API may well have changed. That's why I went to the trouble of including the entire Drupal version in the download.

As homework, propoose a patch! (There must be an equivalent function)

I will also see what to do about it myself as soon as I get some time.

Thanks again,


fatal upgrade error

Used my own "follow the book" version of the litworkshop and attempted upgrade. Got a fatal error.

Downloaded the Ch.9 (before) code, installed, made sure Drupal 5 core and modules are all updated to the latest version and work. Switched to default theme, turned off all contributed modules, removed update_status module. Upgrade all modules to latest D6 version, then CVS update Drupal core to 6.12. Ran update.php. Seemed good, but when clicked on "Admin" got this:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function og_get_group_context() in /home/curry/public_html/iswack/sites/all/modules/og/modules/og_views/og_views.module on line 93

Message from update for OG (v1.3) module:

og module
Update #6000

* No queries

Update #6001

* UPDATE {blocks} SET module = 'og_views', delta = '1' WHERE module = 'og' AND delta = '5'

Update #6002

* ALTER TABLE {og} CHANGE selective `og_selective` INT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0
* ALTER TABLE {og} CHANGE register `og_register` TINYINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0
* ALTER TABLE {og} CHANGE theme `og_theme` VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT NULL
* ALTER TABLE {og} CHANGE directory `og_directory` TINYINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0
* ALTER TABLE {og} CHANGE description `og_description` VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT NULL
* ALTER TABLE {og} CHANGE language `og_language` VARCHAR(12) NOT NULL DEFAULT ''

Here's what I did. First, remove og from modules list. Then enable CCK and other modules and ran update.php to allow all the CCK updates. Everything looked good, I then put the og back, went to modules page and enabled Organic groups, Organic groups access control and Organic groups views integration. Got this message in red:

The content access permissions need to be rebuilt. Please visit this page.

which brought me to Post settings, clicked the button to rebuild content permissions. Done! No more error! :)

Thanks so much for this, same

Thanks so much for this, same issue and this solved it.

Very interesting experience,

Very interesting experience, thanks for sharing!