Chapter 6 - Pushing the Envelope

In Construction Phase, it's mainly about implementation... but also, how do we use Drupal itself to manage our project using the agile approach (user stories, tasks, acceptance tests...) with the external help of SVN and Trac, of course...

So we make a separate private group, and the on-line literary workshop becomes self-documenting...

And we are in full throttle with CCK and Views, and the Organic Groups modules.

Note for those developing with Drupal 6

If like me, you're following along the first part of the book in Drupal 6 instead of 5, then you'll run into a change in the privatemsg module.

The path to the inbox is now: messages/inbox

Leveraging Drupal with Drupal 6

Thanks for the heads up!

Developer's Organic Group as a default component


As I read this chapter, thinking about my other Drupal projects, there was one lingering doubt:

If the site you're developing doesn't "call" for the use of OG, do you still install it just in order to give the developers a place to register and discuss use stories and acceptance tests and so forth?

I'm enjoying the book immensely so far.


Glad you're enjoying the book

Well, that's a good question, Jorge. What you can do, of course, if you are working on a light-weight site, is install the development group on another site.

One approach would be to have a multi-site setup so the production site doesn't load organic groups.

Another would be to try out my new, free Project Flow & Tracker (soon to be available as an installation profile), which takes what was covered in the book a step further:

You can sign up for a free account there. It is still in Alpha, but perfectly usable and capable of doing everything the system used in the book covers, and more.

Missing node reference?

On page 134 in the last paragraph you write, " you can see...the fields describing the Project Document...the only explicitly required filed is the reference to the user story being tested."

However, in neither the table (pg. 135) or on the example website, is there a node reference field to user stories in the Project Document content type.

Is there supposed to be a reference to user stories in project documents, or did you intend to state that about the acceptance test content type?

The statement does seem to be

The statement does seem to be a reference to acceptance tests, created in the same chapter, which do have a node reference to user stories which definitely needs to be required.

I will try to dig a little deeper to find out the genesis of the error.

Thanks for the heads up!