Drupal with Agile

Drupal on agile, agile on Drupal

Agile basically means getting it done right. It does for getting it done what object oriented analysis, design and programming does for software:  it divides all the complexity into bite-sized chunks.

So if your project is set up right, you find yourself bleary eyed in the saddle on a Monday morn, with the definite idea of putting your shoulder to the wheel, but without any idea at all of where (it costs too much to redo the thinking five times); but you can fire up something (whether it's a spreadsheet, a sophisticated application, dotproject, whatever), but you got yourself a Google map on all your clients, projects, phases, milestones, tasks, tests, days, so you can Zoom out and dizzyingly zoom in on what you got to do right now. Then at some point soon, and the easier the better, the lowest cost in pain and time the better, at some time you have the equivalent of a pile of tasks to do, that you can just do and cross off as having been done and you have that sweet feeling of having really moved along.

Current efforts

Right now Project Flow & Tracker Chicago is under development, based on Panels Everywhere. The focus is still on making Project Flow and Tracker a "google map" to your projects, and upon making it an independent component of the Drupal deliverable itself, to be there at the birth of the project, and to stick around after launch for app development and maintenance.


The first version of Project Flow & Tracker was born as the Barcelona (2007) version (see links below).

The Washington version of Project Flow & Tracker is an attempt to base this within the actual Drupal deliverable itself, and to harness the full  power of the Drupal CMS  Framework. To learn more, see the Session description on the DrupalCon DC 2009 site.

Afterwards, in late 2009, Project Flow & Tracker Paris explored the option of  implementation as a feature or set of features (based on the feature family of modules, made popular by the recent launching of Open Atrium, for which featuresis a kind of core engine).