What is web application factory pattern?

[This needs to be re-written in the light of cloud app architecture]


awebfactory builds upon an agile, test-driven, architecturally centered and iterative and incremental approach to web application development based primarily on both the Drupal Content Management and Ruby on Rails frameworks, focusing on client participation.

In terms of web application deliverables, awebfactory is turning increasingly towards a mentoring services methodology: commitment to project through empowerment.

We help you to create a
best practices rooted workspace in which to house a cooperative web application process for every client and project, based upon our soon-to-be released (in Drupal distribution profile format) "Process Flow and Tracker" web application.

And instead of the failed "waterfall" process, which purports to "capture requirements" and then "develop" them, leading to a black hole of ever-increasing size (in terms of time, cost, effort, and lost opportunities) separating the client from the realization of their needs, we all get down to work in transparent, cooperative fashion. awebfactory participate in that workspace just as the client does.

The Process Flow and Tracker guides all participants through the complexity of the process connecting the initial vision from the production site itself, and the client participates in the creation of the requirements baseline, the planning of the project iterations and phases and feature implementation priorities, the writing of the acceptance tests, risk management and early approval of the candidate architecture, and deployment strategy and implementation.