How to check out the latest version of Drupal modules from CVS

I am having some trouble with jscalendar and the views date module, so I want to make sure I have the "latest cvs version" (of the DRUPAL-5 branch!).

This also shows how to set up a whole site with spanking new stable branch code. Source: Drupal Handbook page .

First check out Drupal itself:

cvs checkout -r DRUPAL-5 -d mysite drupal

Then check out any modules you want (actually, should put them in ./sites all, but this is just an example, here I am the date module in ./modules/date)

cvs checkout -r DRUPAL-5 -d mysite/modules/date contributions/modules/date 

cvs don't want download a

cvs don't want download a module, why?

cvs checkout -r DRUPAL-5 -d mysite/modules/ecommerce contributions/modules/ecommerce
cvs checkout: Updating mysite/modules/ecommerce
cvs checkout: Updating mysite/modules/ecommerce/address
cvs checkout: Updating mysite/modules/ecommerce/address/po
cvs checkout: Updating mysite/modules/ecommerce/cart
cvs checkout: Updating mysite/modules/ecommerce/cart/images
cvs checkout: Updating mysite/modules/ecommerce/cart/po
cvs checkout: Updating mysite/modules/ecommerce/cod

doesn't work for me too...

doesn't work for me too...

seems to be working ok...

... your post shows the modules downloading; maybe I fail to understand...