Moodle module for Drupal 5.0

This is in reference to the Moodle module for Drupal 4.7.4 . Basically, if you configure Moodle to authenticate users from an external database, and that database is the Drupal database, you can seamlessly invoke Moodle in an iframe with automatic login from Drupal.

I made some quick modifications to get this module working for Drupal 5.0 beta. This is a tarball of the module actually working.

I find that relative URL's for the (possibly local) moodle installation do not work, and require a full http://... URL.

I have attached the file to this entry. AS IS, folks, no guarantees; and I am hosting it as a temporary measure until better Drupal/Moodle integration is possible.

moodle.tgz2.65 KB


Hi -- I'm trying to download your file but I keep getting header problems with winzip. Can you email me a zip or give me some advise? I would really like to try to use your module. Thank you for writing it.


This is a gzip'd tar file

and not a ZIP file.

Unpack with the appropriate Windows application that supports the tar and gzip format.

thanxx for the modul.

thanxx for the modul. working! is there a singlesignon possibility? gerrri

I have been looking for

I have been looking for something like this. Are you able to get it to search both databases as well?