Git and Cogito on Ubuntu

In Synaptic I installed cogito (and therefore git), and gitk (gui).

I'm going to follow the advice on the Git Cogito page:

If you want to start to use Git and are considering Cogito, the best way to go about it is to first learn Cogito, then pick up Git commands if you need to do something extraordinary.

For quick introduction to Cogito, follow the Git Crash Courses - they are presenting Cogito commands.

So I cd'd to my project dir and did:

cg init 

This is the equivalent in svn to both creating the repository (which is now local!!! although I can "push" my stuff to a centralized directory somewhere) and doing the initial import. I make the initial comment, save the file and exit).

Then I made a change in a binary document file, and did:

cg commit

Typed in "modifiqué sección 3.6 Ambientes del Usuario" and saved and exited. Then saw my changes:

commit 1d257b0c2ba3be69c69f3bd69513d1b468289cfa
Author: Victor Kane <victorkane@mentor.(none)>
Date: Thu Nov 16 11:06:31 2006 -0300

modifiqué sección 3.6 Ambientes del Usuario

:100644 100644 ec6897a... e13a41a... M documentovision-cat.doc

To get a global view of everything in the gui, I do:


The great thing is that this local directory can act as a repository, and everything is much simpler and at the same time much more powerful than with CVS or SVN.

OK, I feel right at home, will be posting more stuff later.


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Git Cogito page

Git Crash Courses

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