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Drupal Import / Export API - Task 002

Task 002: Install on Drupal 5.1 and import simple book pages exported from Drupal 4.7.6 in Task 001.

I used my Drupal Sandbox from the Drupal Dojo class (fairly new installation, doesn't really matter what I have installed there).

Test Case 002

Download latest version of module from CVS HEAD.

Follow same directions for installation (as per README.txt).

Go to Administer >> import.

Import first simple file from Test Case 001 (Task 001).

Go to Administer >> content and visualize imported nodes.

Check logs.


Upon attempting to enable module, following error is created:

Drupal Import / Export API - Task 001

I'm starting to help out on the Drupal Import / Export API.

What: Drupal Import / Export API

Wiki: http://basement.greenash.net.au/soc2006/HomePage

Objective: Help to make it ready for Drupal 5.0, and help improve it; use it a lot.

Task 001: Install on Drupal 4.7.6 and see if the documentation can get me up to speed.

Date today: 7 February 2007.

I upgraded my local sandbox to Drupal 4.7.6.

Java is dead! Long live ... ?

Long live... ?

... long live getting it done (small and right)!!!

Since September 2005 (Bruce A. Tate, Beyond Java ), developers without a vested interest of some kind in Java per se have been discussing what to use in its place.

Even Java's own lobby, JavaLobby's eclipsezone.com, confesses:

"Java has become fat and bloated over the years. That's one of the reasons behind Steve Jobs' rationale of not having Java on the iPhone."

Lot of Drupal stuff goin' on...

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    Check out Drupal founder Dries blog
  2. Drupal Dojo group and courses
  3. Buenos Aires Drupal Users Group

More later...

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