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Look Ma, responsive embedded youtube videos in Kalatheme

So Kalatheme "ships with many responsive layouts, templates and tools right out of the box" and is built right on top of Panopoly (think responsive panels, panelizer...). But I used the built in Media capabilities to stick a video field into a news article application, and it was stuck in big. So I got a quick fix from this article by John Surdakowski, and applied it in just a few lines of CSS in my Kalatheme based sub-theme's css/main.css file:

/* Responsive you-tube video */
.media-youtube-video {
.media-youtube-video iframe {

This is a bare-bones approach, but works splendidly in Kalatheme, and should work with other module sets and themes also, after having identified the iframe container div classes, and the appropriate iframe classes.

Pantheon Workflow Solution on Kalabox - Boomshakalaka!

In Kalatheme in Kalabox on Pantheon for a minute about time, we pulled down a Kalatheme based sub-theme into a recently installed Kalabox on our laptop, so we could run it locally and work on the project using Eclipse or any other IDE.

In this article we explore a simple but realistic Git-based workflow for Multidev and non-Multidev topic branches of a Pantheon dev project.

Kalatheme in Kalabox on Pantheon for a minute about time

What flavor is Kalatheme?

Create a Kalatheme sub-theme project right on Pantheon

Pull it down to your laptop on Kalabox

Work on it in Eclipse IDE, for example

What flavor is Kalatheme?

Kalatheme is a very convenient theme to use, and should be the default theme for Panopoly, with all due respect. Peruse its Drupal project page.  Panopoly + Bootstrap 3 + Bootstrap themes + browser based sub-theme generator (<- Bootswatch, etc., etc.!) + views grids + reusable custom CSS classes that can be registered as optional in any panels pane + advanced stuff for the folks that, inline with Kalatheme philosophy, don't like to admit they use it:Sass and Compass Tools.

Importing a pretty large D6 site into Pantheon (detailed instructions, with a little help from my friends)

More and more of my clients are using Pantheon to host their Drupal based web applications. This is not an ad, it's just a fact. I'm finding more and more of my development work involves cloning Pantheon based workflow instances and coding and site building within that workflow, and I've seen how it has improved greatly over the years. Now I had to import a quite large Drupal 6 site for a client hoping for a trouble-free Drupal oriented hosting experience while we got on with the site renovation project. While the process was straightforward, and the necessary documentation is there (see References), I thought I'd share my experience as warm and fuzzies for others having to do the same:

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