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Why a Salesforce module for Drupal?

Well, because a client needs it.

AWebfactory (your humble servants) are currently developing a new site for helpargentina.org , based in Buenos Aires. They are using the CRM on the legacy site and hope to continue doing so with the new site, and to expand on the existing functionality also.

First look at the Drupal Sandbox Salesforce code

Steve McKenzie's Drupal Sandbox code which fathered the Drupal Salesforce module and comprised its initial import, was composed of an install and module file, as well as a sub-directory of includes.


So, I have created the Drupal Salesforce module on the basis of Steve McKenzie's important work in this regard.

This blog entry, and other coming after it, I can imagine, deal with my experience getting the module operational and following the announced roadmap (see module description).

Drupal, jQuery, Prototype, TinyMCE, oh my!

First, I posted the following feature request on drupal.org http://drupal.org/node/125030:

use cases, personas and sagas, user stories, scenarios, storyboards, test cases... oh my!

[Just thinking aloud here, that's what a blog is for, isn't it?]

I like use cases because they are great for modeling scope.

Once you have a use case, with its basic flow and alternative flows, then you can discover the most important paths through the basic and alternative flows, and clearly mark out the key scenarios.

Each one of these key scenarios corresponds to a single test case. So each use case has one or more key scenarios and the same number of test cases.

These test cases are what the customer and the developers must write together based on a user story which is going to be implemented.

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