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Updating the Salesforce module from 4.7 to 5.x

Well, the first step was to set up a fresh Drupal 5.x (5.3) install.

Then, enabled core contact and profile modules (required by legacy salesforce module).

Then, copied 4.7 salesforce module into ./sites/all/modules, and edited salesforce.module and salesforce.install so that the function module_exist() became module_exists().

Then, enabled salesforce module. Install went ahead with the usual success messages (created tables, created profile fields).

Profile fields were created.

Awesome BADUG meeting

After DrupalCon Barcelona, I went to visit my family living in Southern California, so I have been out of the loop for a while (still haven't had time to write my conference wrap-up, after an incredible experience there).

All set for my first DrupalCon ever

I'm very excited, since I'll be leaving for the airport in a couple of hours.

I am so looking forward to my first personal encounter with the Drupal gang, it's really going to be great.

I am proud to be delivering two conferences:

Transmitting nodes between Drupal sites

The need

As discussed on g.d.o, over a year ago, in Templates or XSLT: How to structure data transfers and client-side content generation? incorporating a format for data exchange is unresolved in Drupal (no easy array/object to Json and back, no standard array/object to XML and back for easy Ajax-Drupal invokation).

Example of live Gliffy page embedded in a Drupal page

  1. Don't use a WYSIWYG editor Smile; since you will probably not be using the Full HTML input format, make sure you use an input format configured to allow the tags used in the code below.
  2. Create Gliffy drawing at the Gliffy site with your account.
  3. Make Gliffy drawing public.
  4. Grab url of the public drawing.
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