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Project Flow & Tracker Chicago - Status update 20100928

Even though I'm being very quiet about this until I can launch a fully usable staging, good solid progress is being made thanks to the productivity of Panels Everywhere and the panel layout plugins from the Precision theme:

Project Flow & Tracker Chicago - Roadmap and Status

Planning to be in Chicago to present new version of Project Flow & Tracker ("Chicago").

It should be basically usable in a couple of weeks. It's based on Panels Everywhere and OG, and a sub-theme of NodeOne's Precision theme.

An exclusive theme, logo, icons and graphic design work is being done by Buenos Aires designer Juan Villegas.

Functionality basically the same as always, now a little more Scrum'd up I would think. Full details available soon.

Subscribe to commits: http://github.com/victorkane/ProjectFlowAndTracker/commits/master.atom

From the Github README:

"The all new ProjectFlowAndTracker Chicago based on Panels Everywhere and OG

PFT is bootstrapping itself, being used for its own creation, and will be usable soon.

VPS! Getting Drupal up and running on a linode (revisited)

I can hardly believe it, but it's been almost three years since I wrote the original VPS! Getting Drupal up and running on a linode article. These days, I'm still with http://linode.com, where a lot of my clients end up hosting their web app sites; and I'm still installing everything by hand, which is still the best way in all but a few cases, since it gives me what I came to a VPS for in the first place: control over what's going on, and avoiding locking myself into immediately obsolete schemes unless I choose to do so. Of course, there are some excellent install scripts, which Linode calls Stack Scripts, with many of them dedicated to getting Drupal up and running in a variety of excellent manners, even including Pantheon Mercury and Aegir turnkey "single click" scripts. Certainly a great way to go in certain alternatives.

Panels Everywhere - taking the leap, getting it going

You've heard about the advantages of Panels Everywhere. Now its time to actually get it going. A drush makefile, a few configuration steps, and we should have a starter site up and going and never have to look back on ugly, deficient and crippled admin/build/block.

In a recent Buenos Aires Drupal Dojo online virtual lab, we did just that, so I shall lay out a series of simple steps here on the basis of what we learned together that night.

Let's summarize the advantages of Panels Everywhere, take the steps to get it going, and think about next steps.

Accessing a Drupal xmlrpc server using api key and session id from php - a working example you can actually use

So Drupal has this amazing services module that I have used and written on before in earlier versions. Now I am upgrading an important site to Drupal 6 which uses an xmlrpc server to receive published articles, and so an upgrade is in order. However, despite copious and varied handbook documentation for this module, I just could not find clear directions on getting this to work in a secure fashion without adopting relatively complex solutions. Others have also stated that they wanted to save people hours of futzing about but they leave out the all important sessionid, for example. Where's it supposed to go exactly? So here is a working example (attached as text) you can actually use, even from a Drupal 5 site. We will:


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