Archive - 2011

June 16th

Github itself for Agile Project Management madness! Right here in Fargo!

Due to the complexity of modern software development, you absolutely have to use software for agile project management. For the simple reason that the human brain cannot by itself separate the trees from the forest, cannot zoom in to be able to concentrate without distraction on a current task, then zoom out by degrees to see the various bigger pictures.

Any software you feel helps you is fine. The lighter the better, generally speaking.

Since one of the most important considerations is that it all be as close as possible to the code, and allow full traceability from requirements to commits and back, my latest experience is making use of GitHub itself for a self-contained, light agile process tracking experience.

You can take a look at an open source example here:

June 14th

Hey Jade!

Far from being a wannabe "missing manual" for Jade this article is simply my own "path of understanding" of how the Jade template engine is utilized in the Express framework, expressed in a simple "work in progress" app which you can find here:

Now, everyone complains that there is "no documentation" for Jade. Actually, just on github, there is a lot in the, plus a huge examples directory, plus a jade example in the Express source. Not to mention the Express Guide, which enlightens us on many aspects of how Jade is used with Express.

So I thought I would just work my way through a good part of that, by building a little sample app on github that you can step through by branching through the commits. Again, please follow along here, and check back every now and then for updates as my comprehension goes deeper and deeper (I hope).:

June 13th

Ah! Remote file editing with MacVim on Fuju sftp client

So there is a Mac side and an Ubuntu side to my personality, what can I say. And when on my Mac, when it comes to sftp clients Cyberduck is cute, and cool and everything, but being me I just like Fugu more. Like that "Commander" split window look.

One of the things I like about it is the Command-J remote file editing which is quick and snappy. However, the preferences don't allow you to specify ad-hoc editors. So how do I get my beloved MacVim to work with remote file editing (making the combination of Fugu + MacVim a nifty IDE or at least environment I can think in)?

Searching led me to part of the answer, good old jessie wrote about this back in 2006 at

However, specifying /Applications/ didn't work for me; instead I said for it to be invoked as a binary at /usr/bin/Vim.

Steps I took:

June 9th

Simple Vim plugin management for Javascript development

I've written about vim as an IDE before. In this case, however, in order to prepare for node hacking, and also in line with a recent discussion about IDE's on the node mailing list, I'm documenting here notes I made while getting geared up with gvim (macvim) for SSJS development with some of the more important plugins that were mentioned (you know, it's that "so how do I actually do this" moment) (this should all work fine on either MacBook Pro or Ubuntu/Linux):

June 1st

Diving into Node.js - getting started roundup, wrapped by two special gems

This article rounds up what is available on the internet right now for getting started with Node.js, and includes a gem at the beginning a special recommendation at the end.