Archive - 2007

December 6th

How we installed and used swftools

I know that this is documented in many places. So I just wanted to document it in one place what works today for me, so I don't have to remember all the different places.

[Note: It has since come to our attention that an excellent guide exists in the SWFTools issues queue, which is supposed to be well worth checking out: ]

December 4th

December 2nd

November 30th

A fresh approach to social networking profiles (Part I)

Part I - The old fashioned core profile module way

On several large projects, I have already used various approaches to themeable, browseable, and easily editable social networking profiles.

About a year and a half ago, I used the core profile module, and themed it as per the Customising the user profile Drupal handbooks article. (See also Fun with user_profile.tpl.php - stuff for My Space or Friendster like customizable profile).

November 22nd

VPS! Getting Drupal up and running on a linode

[Be sure to see the more recent update to this article,
VPS! Getting Drupal up and running on a linode (revisited)]

Well, after realizing the limitations of shared hosting for Drupal development, I decided to go with the big boys and use a dedicated server or VPS solution, at least for development. So I can make a multisite install for the docs and I can make subdomains for each development site.

So after perusing various options, I decided for linode. After checking out the various plans, I decided on the Linode 300, and got 50% more disk space by paying for a year.

While I was waiting for my account to be ready (after all today is Thanksgiving: but it still took no more than 40 minutes), I mosied over to ZoneEdit (see excellent tutorial reference below) and signed up for DNS service and domain management (free for the first 5 domains that you add to your account).